Shall We Dance  LbNA # 25548

Placed DateSep 10 2006
LocationValley Forge, PA
Found By scc14433
Last Found May 21 2017
Hike Distance?

To the Trailhead
Park at Washington's Headquarters and walk to the start of the Horseshoe trail.
Valley Forge Website
Valley Forge Trail Map

To the Letterbox
Follow the Horseshoe Trail for 7/8 of a mile up Mt. Misery. Along the way, you will pass a very large spring house. When you get to the intersection with a trail that leads to a covered bridge, look back down the trail you just came up and note the trail register.

From the trail register, walk 320 degrees for 11 paces (22 steps). On the left (uphill) side of the trail, you will see the end of a fallen tree pointing at the trail. Follow the tree to its roots to find the "Shall We Dance" letterbox. (be sure to bring a pen and stamp pad, as the letterbox has neither)

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