Flying Pegasus - resurrected  LbNA # 25552 (ARCHIVED)

Ownerlady slpa    
Placed DateSep 12 2006
LocationAthens, ME
Found By Robin's Nest
Last Found Aug 29 2013
Hike Distance?

High on a hill in Athens, Maine stands two towers. The tallest, a Cyclops of sorts, can be seen entering and leaving Athens village. Find your way to where these towers stand. This road shall lead you to treasures human and wonders natural.

Stop for a moment and enjoy the beauty of our Athens. You’ll know when. As you gaze across the expanse, reflect on how the world around us changes slowly but constantly. Ponder how scenery, terrain and architecture vary greatly from shore to shore and from era to era. Yet consider how there are wonders in existence that people around the world have enjoyed nearly unchanged for centuries. While in our Athens, take a moment to look up into the night sky. So many lifetimes ago the Greeks and Romans looked upon these same stars. Their fascination with astronomy infuses our life today. As children we eagerly searched the night sky for Ursa Major, Ursa Minor and Orion. Tonight, can you spot the great Pegasus flying overhead?

Continue on your travels. **Stealth is key.** The humbler of the two towers is your destination. The Pegasus has traveled far to rest in this spot. Find him nestled beneath an ancient tree. Listen patiently and you may hear the beautiful song of the Phoenix rising.