Box needs first aid - see comments in Status page Woodbury Creek Park  LbNA # 25567

OwnerTurtle Family    
Placed DateSep 15 2006
LocationWoodbury, NJ
Found By HappilyEverAfter
Last Found Jun 3 2016
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To begin, park in the lot at the end of Wood Street across from the football stadium at Woodbury High.

The park can get a little muddy after a rain storm or at high tide, so old shoes are recommended.

Paces were marked off by a child and an adult, and all paces are denoted by two figures (i.e. 28-33 paces). The low number of the paces denotes "adult" paces/steps; the high number of paces denotes "child" paces/steps.

This whole course makes a loop and brings you back to the beginning of the trail (and/or your car).

NOTE: BOXES 2,3, and 4 are in new locations as of MARCH 15, 2012. Thanks for all your helpful comments and suggestions!

Box #1

Begin at the Browning Ross/George Benjamin Memorials at the foot bridge over Woodbury Creek. Walk between the two memorials, heading away from the football stadium. Follow the path bordering the creek. When the path forks, go right. Proceed to the first bench/vista next to the creek. From the end of the bench, take 33-38 paces past the manhole cover to the "strangled tree." Proceed 6-8 paces down the path on the right next to the "strangled tree." Box #1 is hidden to the left of the tree in the sunken ivy pit.

Box #2

Return to the main path and go right. At the next bench, take the right fork of the path and proceed to the huge oak tree, where the path will form a "T." Go right at the T and head down the hill. Follow this path around the swampy inlet and climb 2 small hills. At the crest of the 2nd hill, find a path on your left. Follow this path parallel to the huge fallen tree until the tree meets the chain link fence. Leave the path and go to the tree. Box #2 is under the trunk of the fallen tree beneath the 2nd to last large skyward pointing branch from the chain link fence.

Box #3- careful, this area could be muddy!

Return to the main path and continue heading into the park (away from the entrance/football stadium). Pass the cabin, another bench, another man hole cover and proceed to the path of landscaping stones. At the end of the stone path , take the path on the right 33-38 paces from the end of the last stone, locate a bench on your right on the path next to the creek. Turn your back to this bench and head straight up the hill. 1/2 way to your destination will be a manhole cover. Box #3 is behind the ivy-covered tree at the top of the hill, in line with the manhole cover and the bench.

Box #4

Return to the main path (the path you left to go to the fallen tree will circle back to the main path) and backtrack to box #2. Continue up hill on the main path to the fork at the huge oak tree. Go on the path to the right and go up hill then down hill. Some gravel will be mixed into the natural path near the bottom of the hill. Once you see the gravel, find the 7 trunk tree next to the old concrete boat launch. Letter box #4 is hidden in the hole in the middle of the concrete wall behind the tree with 7 trunks.

Follow the path back to the parking lot, and make sure all the boxes are re-hidden carefully. There's a lot of foot traffic in the park, and the boxes have already walked a few times...

Good luck,

The Turtle Family