Dacula Falcons  LbNA # 25574

Placed DateSep 14 2006
LocationDacula, GA
Planted By1bigsis2lilbros    
Found By Musical Mama
Last Found Nov 14 2009
Hike Distance?

Dacula Falcons Series at Dacula Park

#1- Start at the playground near the pavilion. Take trail #1 by the restroom building. Make your first left toward the Outdoor classroom. Continue on through the classroom (No school today!) and onto the natural path leading away. Rejoin the main path and continue left. You will come to a split- stay to your left. Or your right. J Once the trail joins itself again, you will see a path to your right. Take this path. You will soon come to a bench on your left. Go about 15 steps behind the bench in the forest, you will come to a tree that has 2 trunks. Nestled between the trunks under some brush and rocks will be letterbox #1.

#2- Go back on the trail to the main path and continue on toward the bridge. Once you get to the bridge, turn around. Just past the bench on your left is a natural path heading away from the park. Follow this path until it enters a clearing. Exactly at this point, you will see a big fallen log on your right. You will find the letterbox hidden in the log…

#3- Head back to the bridge and cross it this time. You are close! Just after the bridge, you will see a small natural path on your right. Go down the hill parallel to the bridge toward the creek. Once you get to the creek wall, look down to find a “Y” shaped root. Under and behind this root, you will find Letterbox #3.

#4- Go back to the main path, but don’t cross back over the bridge. Keep going toward the baseball fields. You will see a path on your left. If you look right, you will see a tree with a yellow line painted on it. From this point, take 18 steps up the hill. You will see again, a small natural path on your right. Go on this path until you see a large tree with 3 trunks on your right. From here, look straight. Through 2 trees, you will see another tree with 3 trunks. Go to that tree. Behind it, you will find Letterbox #4 under some brush and leaves.

Enjoy your walk! :) Go Falcons!