DoDads at Turkey Run  LbNA # 25577

Placed DateSep 10 2006
LocationMarshall, IN
Planted ByBe a DoDad    
Found By HikerFam
Last Found Sep 3 2007
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DoDads at Turkey Run:

Every Year a group of Dads and their daughters take a weekend to go camping. Each year the group seems to expand as friendships grow. This year was in Turkey Run State Park, and the group was nearly 30 in all. The girls and the dads had a fantastic time enjoying the outdoors, “roughing” it with the food, but pure heaven sharing a special time with our daughters. We are already looking forward to next year’s adventure.

This was the first year for planting a letterbox, so bear with us if the directions or placement are not as clear as others on this site.

Start off at the Youth Camp site.
As you enter the camp grounds, just imagine 14 girls and their dads making smores over a campfire sharing the days adventures of a very long canoe trip. The laughter will dwindle quickly as you head towards your left just inside the fence between two trees that look alike and through a path into the woods. Careful though, these girls enjoy a good climb, and this path will take you down a fairly steep one.

Stay to the left as the path quickly comes to a “Semi-T”. This path will then wind to a small point and …. Down it goes to the creek below. Caution here, several of us nearly rolled part of the way down this slope….

At the bottom of the path, several steps to your right is a medium sized rock suitable for one to stand on. Know now, that you will have to eventually get to the other side of the creek. At the time we planted this box, the water was very low and did not pose any problem.

Approximately, 38 DoDad steps/paces to your right, over a couple of fallen trees you must go. There will be a small ravine on your left, you are nearly there!

On the right side of the ravine, about 11 DoDad steps up, is a tree with a hollow trunk!
You guessed it - under a couple of rocks is our first DoDad letterbox.

The girls had so much fun with this, I suspect there will be more as the years go on, and friendships continue to grow.

Be sure to send us an email and let us know if you find it.