CanalWay updated 7/08  LbNA # 25579 (ARCHIVED)

Ownertx dragonfly    
Placed DateSep 11 2006
LocationCleveland, OH
Found By Wee Walkers
Last Found Nov 21 2009
Hike Distance?

CanalWay Letterbox

Box was found and well May 2008.

This letterbox can be reached from 2 different starting points. Both have roughly the same walking distance when done using the direct route (close to 1.5mi one way).

Watch out for poison ivy in the park and the vicinity of the box.

Either start at the CanalWay Center on Whittlesey Way off of E 49th Street, (recommended - this is the nicer area of the two and much more scenic) or start at the parking area on Harvard right off of Jennings.

From either starting point, check out the kiosk with the trail maps (or get a map from the CanalWay center on Whittlesey). Make your way to the Furnace Ridge Overlook.
If you start from the CanalWay Center and have the time, do the Lower 40 Loop Trail on your way to or from the box. It is a nice trail and has several interesting information spots.

After you check out the overlook, go back down the hill and make a right onto the All Purpose Trail. Stay on the path to the right when it splits off. You’ll pass the 6 mi. marker and later, water on your left. Follow the path as it curves right where a small patch of path goes to the left toward an unpaved area and electrical towers.

((I messed up somewhere on my pace count. Until I get a chance to check it myself - it will be a long while, I added someone else's count with the question marks. Rely loosely on the counts and go for description. I welcome anyone else's counts so I can accurately update this clue)).
On your left, you will see pine trees and then a large distinctive tree with a very wide trunk and a root going into the ground on the right forming an angle. From the last pine tree to the distinctive tree is 5? (16) paces (1 pace = 2 steps).

From the distinctive tree, take another 31? (10) paces down the path.
Look to your left for a double trunk tree (right side thicker than the left), 8 paces in from the trail.
You can see an electric tower behind and to the right of the tree (but you have to look a little hard for it when the trees are all leafed out).
Find the CanalWay letterbox on the south side of the tree (behind and to the left), under rocks and sticks...

Please reseal and recover well.
You will need to return the way you came.
Enjoy the park that is a mixture of nature and industry.