Someday My Prince Will Come  LbNA # 25580

Placed DateSep 10 2006
LocationMaryville, TN
Planted BySmokyMountainLILY    
Found By IsThisOneTaken
Last Found Nov 4 2007
Hike Distance?

Stamp Handcarved: MOONSEEKER
Clue Author/Box Owner: LILY

Go to Bicentenniel Greenbelt Park.

Tempest set out on foot one day to meet up with her very own Prince. With bow in hair, parasol, and flowing gown she carefully placed one foot in front of the other in a direction she'd been many times before.

"I'll meet you on the Green." he said. His croaking voice resonated in her head. "You'll know it's me if you see the one with the Belt."

She wasn't sure which path he'd taken so she decided to set out on the path by the Triogonia Elm Tree. Sure enough....wet webbies on the pavement. She was on the Right path.

She followed those freshly made wet webbies past the theater. She stopped for a moment and in her mind saw Romeo kiss Juliet.

Tempest let out a sigh...."Ahhh, my dear Prince, when I find you, we too will kiss."

Shaking her head back into reality she continued on. "If I know my prince, he's probably enjoying the water." she said with assurance.

"I knew it. He went tubin'." (The Prince went tubin' alright - twice in fact. Thing is...he didn't get wet!)

Around a small bend Tempst saw some numbers. "261011" hmmmm she said under her breath....."If I throw a comma in there I'd be RICH! But who needs rich when I've got a Prince."

As she went under she heard a sound. "Hark, who goes there?" she said in a hesitant voice. "Prince, is that you under the tree?"

She looked around. Talking to oneself in public is never a good thing. "I sure hope no one is around."

"Prince! It's me, Tempest. Come out come out wherever you are." she yelled in a semi-loud voice.

A rock out of place caught her eye. She quickly glanced and there, below the mini-boulders was her Prince. The wonderfully green, wart covered, plump as a plumb Prince.

She quickly carried him off to a safe place knowing that if anyone caught her, she's be the laughing stock of the town. They'd take her to the courthouse and make a mockery of her. That would not be good.

Tempest and Prince spent a lot of time together that day. However, when it was time for the "Happily Ever After" kiss - Prince stayed as Prince. Yes, Prince - the frog. You know, from the long line of Prince frogs. The ones who came over here to America from Holland. Yea - those Prince frogs.

"ARGH!" Tempest exclaimed. "You're no PRINCE!"

She quickly, carefully and secretly placed Prince back into his hide spot and covered him well. Out of pure disgust she covered him better than she found him hoping that he wouldn't deceive another fine young lady again.

"You can stay there." Tempest whispered loudly. "Stay there for a long time til some poor ole' soul comes and finds you. I'm gone, forever, never to be seen again."

And that's true. I don't believe we'll ever hear from Tempest again....or will we?