Creepy Crawlies  LbNA # 25592

Placed DateSep 15 2006
LocationWheat Ridge, CO
Planted ByDragon 6    
Found By W S M and C
Last Found Feb 6 2010
Hike Distance?

This is my first letterbox and I want to dedicate this to those intrepid souls who have taken the time to create and hide the many interesting letterboxes that I have hunted. They have found an assortment of fascinating places for me to explore {and stick my hand into.}

Well, it took a year and a half, but the land inundated by the blizzard of 2006 finally reverted from a lake to a swamp to a bog to something resembling dry land. So, all of those charming creatures we have come to know and love as we reach for our favorite letterboxes have returned (I think they have multiplied in the meantime). The box is again active just in time for the 2008 season.
Take I-70 to Exit 267{Kipling} or Exit 269{Wadsworth}. Go South.
This box is located on the south side of 32nd Street between Wadsworth and Kipling in Wheat Ridge. The road in this area bulges to the north. On the East side of this bulge, you will notice that the sidewalk on the south side of the road disappears behind a brown log fence. You can park on the south side of the road beside this fence.
Take the sidewalk west into Crown Hill Park. You will soon come to an information Kiosk. Look for a Coyote. Turn your back to him and you will see a trail going at a 45-degree angle to your left.
Take this trail, which runs between two brushy rows of trees. Half way down the trail {I counted 180 paces}, the brush on the south side will open up. At first there are some fallen trees and a couple of faded orange ribbons. A bit further on there will be an overgrown road running through the trees to the South. On the West side of this road, you will find a clump of three trees. Look at the base of the largest tree and you will find the Creepy Crawlies.
Unfortunately, there is no place to sit near the trees, but you might take it back to your car to stamp in comfort {that is what I usually do.} This spot has a good deal of foot traffic, so try not to be seen when you return the box.
Oh, feel free to take along a creepy crawly or two. Who knows; they might be good luck.