Folly Lick Park  LbNA # 2560 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 1 2003
LocationHerndon, VA
Found By Scarab
Last Found Jun 13 2003
Hike Distance?

Placed by Rich.
Adopted by Scarab, Oct 2006

REPORTED MIA: probably gone.

Folly Lick park, Herndon VA, placed May 1, 2003

Arrive via Route 7 West from the beltway or toll road. Turn left onto Dranesville, then right onto Hiddenbrook. Park by the side of the road just before you get into housing. Don't park close to the intersection. You'll see a trailhead on your left, but just barely. There is no sign here identifying this as Folly Lick stream valley park.

The Ol' Homestead box was placed here because it is walking distance from where I live (just up Hiddenbrook), hence the name. Also, you won't like me when you are done finding these boxes. :-) There is nothing hard about finding them...the clues are simple and most of the time you are on a paved path, but there is an annoying bit or two that will have you cursing my name.

The Ol' Homestead

There are two entrances to the park from here. One right where you parked (up by where the houses start), and another closer to the intersection of Hiddenbrook and Dranesville. Walk back towards to the intersection and take the entrance closer to the intersection (not the one closer to the houses) heading Westerly. Pay no attention to the trail that comes in from the Right, up where you parked, and continue along. Turn right at the next trail to stay on the paved path. You will pass a large, uprooted tree on your left, immediately off the trail, then a metal tube fence painted black on your left.

From the fifth pole of this fence, walk 53 steps along the paved trail to the point where you are between 2 groups of medium-sized drainage rocks, just off the paved path. Take the path on bearing 25°. This will parallel the creek you can see off to your right. Walk until you reach a tree that forks at its base, immediately next to the path on the right side that the path curves around. Take 13 steps past this tree. On bearing 230° you will see two small trees that line up with a large, leaning tree all in a row.

Walk about 25 steps to the leaning tree. To your left is a large felled tree in segments. Follow to the left to its base where it overlaps another large tree that is leaning on a tree in the distance. In a cavity in the base where these trees cross, under a rock and misc. forest debris is The Ol' Homestead.

Please put the rock carefully back on the letterbox when you are done. This box is placed in the flood plain of Folly Lick stream, and we don't want the letterbox floating away in a flash flood!

When done, return to the path and turn left.

Ice Cream Sundae

From The Ol' Homestead, return to the path and turn left. Walk along past the spot where the river makes a hairpin turn right by the path. At the fork, go right and go past the trail that comes in from the right. Cross the creek on the stepping stones. Along the path on the right, shortly after the creek, look for a red fire hydrant across a small clearing, by the creek. As yourself what earthly purpose is there to a fire hydrant in the woods next to a stream?

On bearing 175°, about 25 steps is a large tree that forks at its base. On the East side of the tree next to a rock is an Ice Cream Sundae!