2 Many Hobbies Series- Hobby #1-REPLACED  LbNA # 25646 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 17 2006
LocationWauwatosa, WI
Found By Sunny Side Up
Last Found Aug 16 2009
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 26 2015

From attic to basement, to garage, to storage shed, we have a lot of hobbies! There are remnants of a few that should be donated to a good cause, as our changing interests have caused us to abandon them. But we have gotten and still get enjoyment from all. My series of letterboxes will allow me to share our many interests with the finders.

This box marks the placing of the first of my hobby series-The day was gorgeous, so I made the hike a healthy one.

Park at Bluemound Rd and Underwood Parkway (just east of UPS). Head toward the Oakleaf Bike Trail, which is south of Bluemound. As you enjoy walking on the paved pathway, be aware of cyclists so stay right. Enjoy the beautiful weeping conifers, singing crickets, and long-needle pines.

Walk until you see a bridge on your right. Cross over it and you will see a sign for the Greenway Trail. Turn left onto the trail) Neat, huh? Hike on it, go under the freeway bridge and into the woods.

You will come to a drainage pipe . Be alert, it's hard to see. It will point to what is now a drainage ditch (not the BIG one), but it is actually the old path. Take it. You will come to a peak. Stand on it, then start walking about 95 paces.--

Locate the many-faceted tree--that is one with many trunks--on your right. The hobby lives in the tree, on the cold side, off the ground. After stamping up, re-hide carefully. Someone found the first one and chopped it to pieces!