Chartres Labyrinth  LbNA # 25648 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 17 2006
LocationBethesda, MD
Planted ByAdam Ruiz    
Found By Eidolon
Last Found Mar 23 2007
Hike Distance?

NOTE: This box has been retired. The book was full, the stamp broken, and the wood pile it was hiding in is almost gone. We hope to do a sequel soon.

Labyrinths are like mazes, but there is only one path – it is impossible to get lost. First, however, you have to find the labyrinth.

You can rest assured that you do not have to walk this labyrinth in penance, on your knees. Especially with pebbles or corn strewn across the path. Instead, just enjoy the pleasant walk or use it to calm yourself and meditate, pray, or just think. There are a number of labyrinths open to the public in the Metro DC area, and this letterbox is next to one of them. There is an Episcopal church in Bethesda, MD that has a beautiful labyrinth of grass and brick visible from Old Georgetown Rd. It’s a couple miles from the National Institutes of Health, and not far from where I-270 meets Old Georgetown Rd. A good place to park is the shopping strip with a Balducci's grocery store and a Starbucks. You can also park in the church parking lot, but it’s a bit harder to find. If you need more help, know that it is a medieval labyrinth (modeled on the one at the cathedral at Chartres), that it is outdoors, and that it is open to the public. The web site at can help you find it.

Once you have found it, take a compass reading from the labyrinth’s center. At about 200 degrees, or South by Southwest, you will see a wooden bench not far off. Behind that bench is a strip of woods between the church and Old Georgetown Rd. From the bench, look into the woods to the right. About 8 paces in, you will see a stump. Just in front of the stump is a tall Black Walnut tree (no branches near the ground.) About 2 paces beyond it and to the left you will see a pile of sticks. Look beneath it to find the center of this labyrinth. Please re-hide it well.

We’re always happy to hear how it’s doing or get any feedback. This is the first letterbox we’ve placed!

Have fun!

Adam Ruiz & Swirlygirl

P.S. - Walking in Circles is at this site also. Be sure to get both.