Top of Sand Dune  LbNA # 25669 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 16 2007
CountyLos Angeles
LocationManhattan Beach, CA
Planted Byseasidemom    
Found By Mothers Love
Last Found Nov 9 2007
Hike Distance?

In Manhattan Beach at Bell and 33rd Street,
Youíll see a sand dune thatís really neat.

Start at the main stair just south of the dune
Be ready to climb, youíll find the letterbox soon.

Go 13 steps to the landing, 31 more, 10 more,
14 more, 15 more, 16 more, 27 more, and 6 more!

Now follow the sidewalk 2 panels to the vee
Go uphill 12 panels and a stair you will see.

Climb 36 steps to the landing, plus 19 to the top,
What a relief that the stairs finally stop!

Follow the path to the gate, itís the 31st St. cul de sac,
But donít go through it or youíll have to come back.

Stay inside the fence and go under the handrail,
Count 6 posts to the north, youíre hot on the trail.

Turn to face east, see the twisty tree that is grey,
At the first fork lying on the ground, push the leaves away,

Be careful that poop or spiders donít bug you,
Find this letterbox and "Hello Kitty" too.

(This letterbox was replaced on 6/16/07.)