Bike, Hike or Sinkhole in Historic Bluff Country  LbNA # 25675 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerLeaf ~ Lizard    
Placed DateSep 17 2006
LocationFountain, MN
Found By ASL Girl
Last Found Jul 31 2010
Hike Distance?

Bike, Hike or Sinkhole in Historic Bluff Country

Box planted by Leaf ~ Lizard

Drive to Fountain, Minnesota.When you get to the small town of Fountain, take County Rd. 8 going east, at the edge of town you will see a parking lot for the Root River State Trail, park your vehicle in the lot facing east and head out onto the trail. This will probably be a 20 minute round trip. Note the Trail Courtesy sign, states that you need to have all pets on leashes no longer than six feet.

When walking on the trail you will observe the city of Fountain on your left and farm fields on your right. You will come to some information signs about Southeastern Mn. "Karst" landscape. More than 10,000 sinkholes are concentrated in Fillmore County. Stop and check out the observation platform ahead of you, as you are standing on the platform you will see a second platform across from it, depending on the time of year and amount of foliage.

Take the grass trail around the left side of the sinkhole towards the second lookout platform. As you come around the bend to get to the platform you will note a boxelder tree that is arched over the path. At the base of this tree in a decayed hole is where you will find your Goal!

Please be discreet, at times the bike path can be busy, you may want to wear gloves so you don't get dirty when you remove it from the hole.... Please hide back the way you found it and let me know that you visited my first letterbox I planted, and in what condition it is in.