Waterfalls  LbNA # 25676 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 17 2006
LocationMinneapolis, MN
Found By Tracker JACS
Last Found Oct 8 2011
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Located in Minnehaha Falls park in Minneapolis, this box was given to us by some dear friends in Connecticut to plant here. The lovely hand carved stamp was carved by its namesake "Waterfalls" We titled it such being that he has sent other boxes out of state using this name, and we wanted it to be recognizable to traveling letterboxers. We hope you enjoy finding it as much as we did planting it!

Note: The park is frequently busy on the weekends, sometimes more than others. It is definitely kid and dog friendly, however great care must be excersized in finding and re-hiding this box! We don't want to lose this one. Please email us if the box needs any attention.

Find the main entrance of the park, making your way carefully through the round about. Proceed to the parking lot that is north of what appears to be the main lot. There are a handfull of meters in this lot, and it is usually less crowded than the main lot. Be sure to bring quarters as the meters are enforced daily.You will get ticketed if you don't pay, trust me we know! Just south of that parking lot is your starting point.

Walk south from the lot until you see a drinking fountain with three fixtures on it. Enter the park at this spot, and walk down the paved path. You can also cut across the park if you wish. If you brought a compass, you can take a bearing of 180 from the three drinking fountains and walk to your second point of reference. Otherwise, walking down the path and to the right will eventually get you there as well. Your second point of reference will be another drinking fountain. This time, however it will have two fixtures on it. You should be able to hear the falls by now as well... From the two drinking fountains, you will see an opening in the brick wall that leads to the bottom of the falls. Before you walk down though, you can take time to observe the top of the falls just to the right of the opening. Truly spectacular!

Once you have reached the bottom, walk across the bridge in front of you, then off to the left. This next stretch is a very nice downstream leg of the walk where you will likely spot some creek indigenous animals going about their business. Mostly shaded too, and nice and cool in the summer! Watch children and pets though, as some areas slope off sharply at times 5 to 6 feet above the surface of Minnehaha creek.

Continue downstream until you reach a crossroads with a large boulder with a bronze map on it. If you want to stop and put your feet in, this is the spot. Otherwise, stay on course and walk past the boulder with the map on it, taking either path into the woods ahead of you. They come back together later on, and are both nice!

You will eventually come to another foot bridge. Cross the bridge, and walk straight through the crossroads. You will see a small path directly across from the foot bridge, leading up into the woods up a slight slope. Not far up that path, maybe something like 10 paces or 20 steps, you will see a young evergreen, about 5 feet tall on your left just off the path. Walk past the evergreen about six more steps, crossing where a root intersects the path. You will hopefully see a faint path curving in and to your left, toward what appears to be an elm tree. The box is hidden in a hole in the bottom of that tree, on the side facing the evergreen tree. This hole is very visible from the path you came in on, so keep that in mind when re hiding the box. Be sure to clear the hole of any debris so the box fits completely inside the hole. You can walk a little further up the slope to get out of sight to safely stamp in and sit down. If your concealment doesn't look natural before you leave, it isn't good enough. Try to avoid using the flat traprock slabs in the area, since they just scream "Something's hidden here" Have a good time!