Superhero Series #1: Kal-El  LbNA # 25677

Placed DateSep 17 2006
LocationBeaverton, OR
Found By Kentalope
Last Found Jul 18 2010
Hike Distance?

This is part of an ongoing Superhero Series that I've been wanting to plant for a long time. I've loved carving these stamps and hopefully you will love finding them!

Find Burntwood Park located on Hart Road in Beaverton. Begin your walk by traveling up the paved path toward the playground. Once you reach the swings and slides, continue on up to SW Burntwood Way. Crossing the street, locate the dirt trail heading up the hill. As you walk, take note of the yellow gas line marker on the left. From here, you'll want to keep track of your steps...

56 to the next set of power poles on your right.

150 more to a group of logs (or perhaps old power poles) in the bushes off the trail and on the right. Kal-El is hidden in the brush behind the first log. *Beware of brambles & such. Gloves are a must!*

Please re-hide this box well, as this trail seems to get a bit of activity from those 'other' treasure seekers!

PS. If you get to the fence, you've gone too far!