Superhero Series #2: Bruce Wayne  LbNA # 25678 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 17 2006
LocationBeaverton, OR
Found By Iron Blosam
Last Found Oct 4 2009
Hike Distance?

Update 7-2-07!!
The original hiding spot was finally discovered by the neighbors, who weren't too happy about the location of the box. So, Mr. Wayne has been re-planted in a different area. Please see below for a completely new set of clues!

In Beaverton, locate the spot where SW Sexton Mountain Drive dead-ends just past SW 160th Ave. From the barricade there is a small trail heading off to the South. Follow this trail for a short distance and you will pass a slim yellow indicator on your right. Six more paces and you should be standing between a set of 'living' poles on your left and 'dead' ones on your right. The box is tucked in the end of one of the largest 'dead' one.

Please be certain to re-hide this box well by placing it far back in its hiding spot.