The Armco Park Conspiracy  LbNA # 25706 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 18 2006
LocationAshland, KY
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The Armco Park Conspiracy

Armco Park is a quaint little picnic spot that has been around for a few decades in Summit, KY just off of US Route 60. Armco Park is and has always been one of my favorite places to go. Crisp Dairy Treat (around for 45 years) is directly across the street from the entrance to the park. To get there from I64 take exit 185 and turn left onto US Route 60. Follow the road up until you see a McD’s on the left. Turn Left here, and then take the next right into the park. Stop at Crisp Dairy Treat for the perfect opportunity to grab a frozen treat and head up into the park for some peace and quiet as you enjoy your ice cream. The park is well maintained and monitored by the county and I honestly feel they do a good job. For me to choose this park to place one of my letterboxes however, you know there must be something of a mysterious nature attached. I don’t base my letterbox themes on hard facts in this particular story, but on numerous personal accounts, and eyewitness experiences. You may be the judge for yourself.
It has been said time and again that back in the 80’s there were more than one spotting of what some believe was satanic cult activity within the more remote areas of the park. More than one person came forward claiming to see people draped in robes of some kind walking through the woods in the park. This was back before they started closing the gates at dusk. One couple I remember explained that as they were alone together one evening in the park they heard the sound of what seemed to be people in a choir singing very softly. The voices were muffled, but loud enough for them to follow over into the woods and over a small embankment. This is where they claimed to see about 5 people in robes circling what looked like a glowing lantern and humming or chanting. The couple quickly left the park. The sightings of the cult have seemed to cease, but odd happenings still occur.
I am not sure what activities or stories were ever reported to the police, but I feel they have been b/c the county does take much better care than they did back then, and policeman regularly patrol the park. I never feel unsafe there, but I always feel “something is going down”. It makes my visits to Armco Park all the more interesting though. As of recent, a conspiracy may still be going on. If you go into the park on any given day and spend any fair amount of time there parked at one spot and watching, I can offer you a strong chance that you will spot the “lone drivers” as I call them. These are a large group of men that circle the park, sometimes repeatedly, and they are always, always alone. Usually their windows are down, and sometimes you will see them parked alone…sometimes for hours. I myself, have seen a few disappear into the woods on different occasions. Who are these men? Trust me, they are not just lonely men looking for a place to eat their lunch (in my opinion). It can be no coincidence that every day of the week these men(Usually the same ones) always alone, come circling through the park, sometimes stopping and waiting. IF you go back more than one day in a row you will see many of the same cars and men. They spend hours in the park sometimes (b/c yes I have investigated on my own), and they are never seen eating anything.No eating, reading, talking on their cell, taking ont heir cell, bird watching, NOTHING! Just sitting and then circling and then waiting. Are they connected to the old cult sightings? Or is there some other illegal or possibly bizarre legal activity involved? Maybe they are letterbox hunting? Whatever the case, it is something you should go investigate for yourself because it is quite interesting. If you stumble upon activities that you feel are not safe or legal you should report them to the authorities of course. And yes, there is a possibility that these men are just like the rest of us, looking for a nice place to get away. To me, and others who have noticed them, there is more to the story. See what you can find out and let me know. It helps to know that the Boyd Co Police Barracks is practically on the property. After your investigation and exploration of the lovely park grounds you may venture on to find my letterbox in its hiding place.

CLUES: Go to the shelter where the brave are honored. Read over their names and appreciate their courage. This is a good opportunity to learn more about people in our area who served in the military during times of war. Here you will need to discover and decipher a numerical code into letters that should form a phrase.

Nelson Moore served in WWI where is he listed in the line-up?
What about Guss Ratliff?
In WWII where is Fred Powers listed?
For the Korean War what about R.B. Hicks?
What do Fain, Crowe, Rankin, Hanners, Bishop, and Goodman all have in common?

What two wars are listed on the first three stone panels? Add the Roman Numerals of the three stones.
How many military symbols are here?
Back to Nelson Moore?
In Vietnam what about ORR?

As you begin to decipher your code here is a clue: The code will become two words and those words describe a Marking on a Tree in this park.

Find that tree, stand on the north side of the tree and look around for how many man -made colorful signs you see? That number will be the next shelter you need to go to.

Once you have found yourself at the final shelter house go toward the playground. Find the “stair step tree stump” (resembles a stair step) and stand on the side next to the playground not the road. Take 19 paces from the stump but parallel to the playground. Once you stop you should be overlooking a small path. Go down this path and be careful. You should see fallen, tree remnants on both sides of the path. Look to the LEFT. When you see an old tree trunk that stands only about 4 ft tall go to it. The letterbox should be at the base somewhere.

Please email me if there are any man made or natural changes to the landscape that may make this hunt more difficult. Keep in touch and good luck. Be careful, be discrete (VERY IMPORTANT), and have fun.