Birds of a Feather - We're-al-in-this-together  LbNA # 25720

Placed DateSep 19 2006
LocationEllsworth, ME
Found By juliebean18
Last Found Jun 27 2010
Hike Distance?
Last EditedFeb 1 2016

Location: Birdsacre Sanctuary on High St. in Ellsworth past the Small Animal Clinic before the China Hill restaurant on the west side of the road.

*Get a map from the office, giftshop, or sign in area. All trails intersect and will lead back around to the front, but they can be confusing and a map is HIGHLY suggested.

Find on the map a place where royalty sits.

Start at the left side of the grey giftshop building. Find a path with a small pond on the left and birds housed on the right.

Walk over a small wooden bridge up to a gazebo where paths intersect. Take the path to the left marked red/white/blue.

Walk past a picnic table tucked away on the right side of the path. Keep an eye out for signs leading you to a place "where royalty sits."

Walk over another small wooden bridge. Keep on walking following the map.

Find where to blue trail meets up with the red trail. Stay to the left and start on the blue trail.

Take the blue trail untill you come across a place to rest royal feet. Look around the base and you'll find a plaque dedicated to Cordelia Stanwood.

Stand at the plaque and face northwest. Look for two large trees at about 2 o'clock. You should be able to take about fourteen adult steps towards the two large trees and find the letterbox at your feet between the two trees.

Please enjoy our letterbox. You MIGHT find a SMALL treasure inside for yourself. Please stamp away and re-hide the box for others to find. Take time to explore the bird sanctuary.

HAVE FUN! From the "We're-all-in-this-together" group; Myth Boxer, the Trail NINJA, the Beautiful Ballerina, and Queen Bee.