XBOOK WRAP  LbNA # 25732

Placed DateSep 20 2006
LocationByron, MN
Found ByGubbins Family
Last UpdateMay 14 2012
Hike Distance?


Difficulty – Easy
20 Minute walk (roundtrip) to locate each box
Updated: Apr 12, 2009 - Checked the boxes and they are both in good shape! Box 1 has a new log book. Happy hunting!
Updated: Apr 8, 2011 - New stamps placed in the boxes!

Anna Gram was not a Rochester resident, so she had to figure out the location of our letterboxes before setting out on the hunt. By referencing a local map, Anna quickly determined the starting location.

A few simple rules to remember before you enter “XBOOK WRAP”:
The ”xbook wrap” is open Daily, 7:00 am to 10:00 pm.
No Pets are allowed on the footpath.
No Bikes are allowed on the footpath.
No harvesting or picking of vegetation in ”xbook wrap”.

We would suggest wearing long pants and closed shoes (no shorts or sandals) since you will be walking through some brush.

Finding the boxes should take about 20 minutes each (round trip), walking at a leisurely pace

Bring your own stamp pad. Suggested color: brown for Box #1 and Black for Box #2!

Box #1
Our trek begins at the intersection of County roads 105, 4 and 5. If 4 large silos are watching you; you are at the right spot,

Upon entering the “location”, a brown sign will welcome you.
Continue on to the next brown sign containing directional pointers.

At this sign, turn left into the parking lot. There will be another sign as you enter the lot stating “Main Picnic Parking.

Park in the lot and walk directly between the men and the women Bearing slightly right towards the bridge that takes you over the river.

When you come off the bridge keeping walking straight ahead
Keeping the river on your right hand side.

The trail will soon convert,
From grass to gravel & dirt.

Over 6 logs, it’s just a slight climb, There is a bench here. Continue on the path bearing to the right.

A long unused picnic table will be on your right,
Assuring you the treasure is almost in sight.

Soon will be a sign pointing out the ‘Sumac Loop’.
Continue on.

When you reach the 2nd sign that says ‘Sumac Loop’,
You have reached your destination.

Stand with your back to this sign, look straight ahead, (compass heading approx 220 degrees)
And spot a tree about 25 to 30 paces off the path into the brush.

The base of the trunk will have a large opening in which our letterbox resides. Use a stick to poke around in the hole to make sure that nothing tries to poke you back!

Please re-hide and cover well, since there is a point on the trail a few feet down, from which the hole is visible.

Return to the parking lot to search for letterbox #2.

Box #2

The “Llamozn ozo” is open from 10AM to 4PM daily, and is free. It is a small ‘ozo’ containing wildlife indigenous to Southern Minnesota, and a Nature Center. The letterboxes are not on ‘ozo’ grounds, and can be searched for at anytime. After locating the letterboxes, you may wish to spend some time visiting with the animals on the’ ozo’ grounds. The ‘ozo’ is a favorite with children.

Leaving your car parked where it is.
Walk out to the road from which you turned into the parking lot.

Carefully cross over the road and walk to your left along the shoulder for 40 or 50 feet.

There will be a brown sign that says “To Ozo”, and points into the woods. Follow that path. There will be about 45 steps up to the top.

Continue walking. After going down a few more steps, you are getting close.

Soon you will pass through a small clearing. A little further down the trail, and you will see another brown park sign that says ‘Nature trail / Yeager Trail ‘ on the right hand side.

At the sign turn 180 degrees walking back the way you came for 30 to 40 steps.

On your right, one of the ‘giants’ has fallen and is lying parallel to the path. If you look under it’s legs, you should find that which you seek.

Please be sure to reseal baggies and boxes carefully so that they stay dry and rehide boxes in their original location, completely hidden from view.

Please email us when you find it: twofreetimers@yahoo.com