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The Snoop Scoop's 13th Birthday Series  LbNA # 25735 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 15 2006
Location???, ME
Found By ???
Last Found Jul 5 2008
Hike Distance?

This series was placed in celebration of The Snoop Scoop's 13th birthday. The concept is his. The boxes were placed with help from I SPI, LLLMOM & Ninja.

*Please bring your own stamps or markers.*

To find the boxes, first find the town where the "earth stops"...

Box # 1
*Note: The location of box #1 can only be recognized at high tide and only reached within a couple of hours of low tide. Please check the local tide chart and plan accordingly. Rubber boots or water shoes are advised.*
*Clue slightly revised 4/23/07.*

Travel the main route. Find the road named for the one who "stole from the rich and gave to the poor". Find a legal place to park on the right-hand side of the road. Walk a bit to find the road named for a "fragrant wood" and "a sandy spot on the water". Walk this road until the are on private property, but it is OK. Walk through the arch and follow the path to the memorial flag pole. Facing the pole, turn to your right. You will see a beach also named for the "fragrant wood". Take a walk on the lovely beach and enjoy the view. Make your way carefully over the seaweed covered rocks to the greenery(bare shrubs in winter), also named for the "fragrant wood" that can only be reached around low tide. Check out the fascinating tide pools, then find your way to about the center and the high point of land. Near there you will find a rock about 10 feet long which points at one end to the "only one of it's kind in the world". Enjoy this one of a kind view. Now look down and to your left toward the opposite end of the rock. Under some small rocks in a crevice you will find that which you's one of a kind. Please repackage carefully and rehide carefully to protect this box from storm tides and nosy gulls. The box was washed away on the N'oreaster on 4/16/2007...found in with storm debris in perfect condition...yipee! :-) So please be sure to replace those heavy rocks to hold it down.

Box # 2
*Box #2 was replanted on 4/23/2007 in a new location, close to the old one. It has a new stamp, similar to the first one & carved by LLLMOM. A big THANK YOU to Blue Angel Pumbaa for rescuing this box! :-)*

Return to your car and drive back to the main route. Travel further south. Look for the road named the "Li'l" guy created by "Hatt" and the "end of the arrow". Drive to the bottom of the hill and park in the public lot on the left. Ahead you will see the harbor named Scombridae. Find the rope swing and have a blast! Be on the lookout for a pizza eating cat...she is friendly. When you are done, either walk or drive back up the street to the main road, park in the pull off to the right, if you drive. Face the stop sign at the top of the street. Take 12 steps forward, then look down and to your left. Under the rocks you will find what you seek. Watch out for passersby, as this is an open may even want to go to your car for privacy. Please rehide carefully under the rocks. I plan on replacing this large-ish box with a smaller one in the summer of 2007.

Box #3
*** This box is missing as of 4/23/2007...a victim of the N'oreaster of 4/16/2007 perhaps??? We hope to replace it in the summer of 2007, to a safer spot close by.***

Return to your car and bid farewell to the cat. Drive back to the main route and head south once more. Drive to where the "earth stops". Hope you brought your wallet! Check out the trinkets to be found inside. When you are out of money, take a rest on the bench on the back porch. All rested? Take 10 steps off the porch to find the memorial "To those who have devoted their lives to the Sea". Take a look around to find that which can "bring distant points of interest within close range". Still have a quarter left over? Enjoy the view. Now turn to your right and follow the path to the point around 18-20 steps. Turn right again and walk 21 steps. Face the sea and the island named Brassica rapa. Down below amongst the rocks lies that which you seek. Please be discreet and repackage and rehide carefully to protect this box from storm tides and nosy tourists.

Congratulations! Hope you enjoyed getting to know this gem of a place! :-)