Tribute to the Crocodile Hunter  LbNA # 25764

Ownerjb kokopelli    
Placed DateSep 22 2006
LocationJacksonville, TX
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

I replaced this box on 9/26/2011 in the same location

I have long been a huge fan of Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter. Being a science teacher, I have been in awe of this one man's approach to making learning fun. When I heard of his untimely death, I knew that I had to pay my tribute to his life and the legacy that he has left behind. Living in East Texas, there are not a lot of crocodiles in the area and the alligators are mostly at the zoos. However I did think of a place that would be most suitable.
The Cherokee Trace Drive Thru Wildlife Park is located near New Summerfield which is about 10 miles from Jacksonville. The easiest route to get there is to go south on Hwy 69 and turn left onto loop 456 and go 2 miles until you get to 204 which will be on your right. Stay on 204 for approximately 9.6 miles till you get to a red light at 110. Stay on 204 for 0.1 mile and turn left on FM 2274. Immediately you will see a sign for Plainview Cemetery and you will need to turn right onto CR 4401. Go to the first cemetery gate and park at the gate. While you are there if you want to go to the wildlife park, stay on CR 4401 for about 1.3 miles and you will see a sign for the park on the right. Turn and the entrance is about 1 mile from CR 4401.
The cemetery where the box is located is surrounded by the wildlife park, and the times that I have been to the cemetery I have seen everything from zebras to a type of deer to other animals around.
The clues to the box are as follows: Park at the first gate of the cemetery. Facing the cemetery walk to your left and follow the fence all the way around until you get to a metal building. (You will know that you are at the right building if you see a corral across the fence at the corner. From the front of the building and facing the cemetery, look to your left until you find the cedar tree with the largest trunk diameter. Walk to that tree. It is about 22 paces (1 pace is approximately 2 feet for me). The box is at the base of the tree under some debris. Please make sure that the box is covered well and let me know the status of the box.