Harmonist Cemetery  LbNA # 25767

OwnerLarva Lady-ZZ    
Placed DateSep 22 2006
LocationHarmony, PA
Found By Jaxx
Last Found Apr 27 2016
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The Harmonists came from Germany in 1805, where they had been persecuted for their beliefs. Believers devoted themselves to communal living, hard work and prayer to prepare for the second coming of Christ, which they expected to occur in their lifetime. To purify themselves, they gave up tobacco and adopted a celebate lifestyle. They were an agricultural community that wished to focus on grapes.

During the 10 years the Harmonists were in Harmonie, PA, 100 members were buried in the communes cemetery. In 1880 Mennonite Stoneworkers were hired to fence in the cemetery.

No written account records the reason for not marking the graves. It probably had something to do with the belief in the "2nd coming". The grave was meant to be a tempoary home, so why mark it.

Clue: The cemetery is in Harmony, PA, at the corner of Route 68(Evans City Rd) and Edmond St. There is no street sign at this writing, but the street is opposite Thompson's Restaurant. Park at the bottom of the cemetery(not at Doc Wahls) and go up to the top. Note how the columns are built out of parallelograms, not rectangles to adjust for the hill's slope. In front of the door are plaques about the cemetery. The "E.Z." stone is at the bottom of the plaques. Go around to its back(watch out for the sink hole). What you seek is under a rock at the left middle of the stone. Hide it carefully, so that it is not seen from the front.

To get into the cemetery, pushing on the right side of the door is easier. It weighs over a ton so you will need to put some effort into it. Watch out for sink holes inside the walls too.