The Fido Box  LbNA # 25778 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 23 2006
LocationBonita Springs, FL
Found By DoyleModic
Last Found Jan 20 2007
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The Fido Box

Fido’s master took him on a walk while they figured out where to put his letterbox. Unfortunately, his master missed the sign saying “No Dogs” in the park so Fido got to walk where few dogs have gone before. This is not a “dog friendly” park so if you have a pet that would like to leave a paw print for Fido, you will have to bring it with you on paper and leave it in the box.

Location: Bonita Springs Community Park (On Pine Ave off of West Terry St.)

Time: About 15 minutes

Very “kid friendly”

Hi, my name is Fido. I heard my master talking about putting out letter boxes, and I wanted him to make one for me. After we got everything in there it was time to place it. Looking on the website, we saw that there were no boxes in Bonita Springs yet so we headed there. My master thought he was calling the shots, but I pretty much pulled him where I wanted to go.

First we parked at the Bonita Springs Community Pool parking lot. Right there I saw a yellow fire hydrant with a blue top. I pulled my master there first.

At the fire hydrant, I got my leash tangled in the fence and ended up looking back at the library and saw a picnic table on the right side of the building. I headed for that because there are always scraps around picnic tables.

When I got there I sniffed around for a minute then I saw another fire hydrant by the road coming into the library. I pulled my master there, and then I saw another fire hydrant on the other side of the road.

After we crossed the road and checked out the fire hydrant, I heard children playing and pulled my master over to the play ground equipment on the other side of the tennis courts to see if I could play too. They were with their mother and she didn’t seem to think her children should play with a big dog like me, so when I smelled water, I started pulling my master there.

We left the playground where the fence opens by the ball field headed towards the community center. When we walked between the shed with white and green sides and the score board, I saw the lake. I pulled my master all the way over there to the sign that said “No Swimming”. I thought that since the sign had a person on it, I could jump in anyway, but my master said something about alligators and pulled me away. Let me know if you saw an alligator when you looked in the lake. I don’t think there are any in there.

Any way, we walked along the shore of the lake in the direction that the swimmer on the sign was pointed until we got to a gravel road. We walked on that road until we saw the benches by the lake. My master sat down to rest and wasn’t paying attention to me when I saw a squirrel.

When I ran after the squirrel, I pulled my leash out of my master’s hand. The squirrel ran along the bank of the lake past another bench, and down a path by the lake. When he got to two stumps on the right side of the path, he cut between them and ran up and ran in to the bushes. I was intrigued by a metal thingy with chains hannging on it and lost the squirrel. I saw a stump in the middle of three palm trees.

My master caught up with me there. He thought that was a good place to leave the box, so he set it in the middle of the triangle made by the three trees and covered it with some palm fronds.

I left my paw print on the front page of my “Memories” book. If you have a pet, you can put their paw print in there too! When you put your stamp in the book, please let me know your name, where you are from and the date you found the box. Also, if you leave a paw print, I would like to know your pet’s name and what breed it is.

Thank you for adding to my memories.