Pawnee Prairie Partial  LbNA # 25782 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 23 2006
LocationWichita, KS
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Hike Distance?

This was our very first attempt at letterboxing. We followed the clues to "Pawnee Prairie" Placed by Jay&Kendra.

We found the spot!
The "Woodpecker's Friend" was obviously the tree with woodpecker holes in it, but, this tree is close to the Cowskin Creek and it would not take much rain to wash out the whole area - so we did not find the box. (in fact the clues had updated to say it was moved).

Our 8 year old and our 3 year old loved it!
On the hike back to our van we (G&K) were talking about hiding our own letterbox - we are hooked!