Town of Friendly Neighbors (All New)  LbNA # 25796 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 23 2006
LocationSt. Johns, AZ
Planted ByJamFam8    
Found By JamFam8
Last Found Mar 8 2008
Hike Distance?

This letter box is at the St. Johns city park - the crown jewel of this small, rural community.

The main drive through town is Highway 180 (Cleveland Avenue), an east/west street. The roads which intersect Cleveland Avenue are numbered from the center of town (1st West, 2nd West, 3rd West and so forth). The roads further west have higher numbers (such as 13th West). While on Cleveland Avenue, turn south onto 3rd West. (Note: 3rd East is on the east part of town. Don’t take this turn.) As you turn on 3rd West, a soccer field and city hall will be on your left hand side. Continue on 3rd West for 3 blocks. The park is on your left.

Park on the southwest corner of the city park. This is the park’s highest elevation, and land of the large trees. In the late afternoons through early mornings, these trees are home to over 30 Turkey Vultures, which roost in the park from spring to early fall. The trees have also been known to harbor on owl or two.

Take the diagonal sidewalk which winds around the big cottonwood tree, and ends up in front of the basketball courts. Next, take the sidewalk which splits the basketball and tennis courts and takes you to the playground.

There is a green drinking fountain in front of the swingset. Near the fountain is a sidewalk panel containing an imprint of the City of St. Johns logo. Stand on the logo with the drinking fountain to your back. The racquetball courts will be in front of you and slightly to your right.
Cut across the grass to the right. Head to the right side of the raquetball courts as you are face them. There is a wall planter with lots of bushes in it.
The letterbox is where the planter wall meets the back of the raquetball courts. Lift the egde of the bushes up and look for a pile of broken bricks that are concealing the letterbox.
Please be as descreet as you can be. This is a very public place. Also, please rehide the letterbox well. Thank you!

We hope you enjoy your trip through this scenic city park!