Cousins on the Boone Fork  LbNA # 25805

OwnerBM Crazy Cousins    
Placed DateJul 8 2006
LocationJulian Price Picnic Area, Blowing Rock, NC
Found By Meditation Mtn. Girl
Last Found Nov 8 2008
Hike Distance?

Seek out the Julian Price Picnic Area just a short distance from Blowing Rock on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Take the Boone Fork Loop trail and begin to follow the course of the "Boone Fork" starting at the "stone portal" and proceed with "track" and "Kip" through the Blue Musket lake bed. The "hairy engineers" have been at work lately and you may find "friend or foe" along the way. "B"est "F"riends "T"ogether at 0.5 confirms you are on the right track! Though there be many roads to treasure, all lead to one. Stone steps next to cozy beach says you are getting close. Bear Cave means you're very close and dry. At rock's end seek the veiled crevice 9 paces away. Tunnels of green say you've gone too far. Happy Hunting.
Updated 9/26/2014