Fall Spree Series #5: Cascade Valley  LbNA # 25828 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerWee Walkers    
Placed DateSep 24 2006
LocationCuyahoga Falls, OH
Found By paisley pineapple
Last Found Oct 2 2010
Hike Distance?

Fall Spree Series #5

Cascade Valley Park : Oxbow Trail

For more info on this series read clues #1-5 or visit www.summitmetroparks.com

This box is located along the same trail as the Oxbow Trail letterbox. The clues follow the same basic routes.

Walk into the woods at the oxbow trail marker and follow the grassy path. You should have no problem staying on the oxbow trail (there are more markers on this trail than any we have ever seen!) Lots of neat trees and unique spots along the way. Be on the lookout for “Turtle’s” bench to the left. Just passed you’ll pass through the picnic area.... oh-wait isn’t that the parking lot? Keep going, follow those markers! Just past “Frazer’s” bench you’ll see lots of roots and a unique 3 trunk sycamore tree. Head over the troll bridge...watch those toes. Up, up, up the steps... Grampy is huffing and puffing on these... Once at the crest be sure to walk out onto the deck and admire the view. The “oxbow” in the river can be seen and off in the distance near the bridge is Gorge Park.. When you walk off the deck head to the right at where a trail intersects head left (notice the trail marker). Take the first left back into the woods (follow the trail markers!) If you’re on the hunt for the Oxbow LB you are very warm. Head down the hill and make the hairpin turn to the right, down a set of steps. At the bottom of the steps you’ll see a large five finger tree to the left. There is a great spot in the backside of this trees base but an even better one further off the path where a two trunk tree forms a ‘bridge’ or tunnel with its base. The gnarled interior of this trees base has a great pocket. Reach in and down for the LB. You should have no problem following the markers out! (back on the path and continue forward).