Stars & Stripes**Up in Flames**  LbNA # 25830 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 24 2006
LocationNew Brighton, PA
Planted ByChembaker    
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Due to a train derailment and ethanol explosion on 10/20/06, this box is suspected to have been incinerated. (The derailment happened very close to the hiding spot and the flames at the time of the explosion were 300 feet high.) I have heard reports that the rock (for which the park was named) where the box was hidden has been pulverized in the subsequent cleanup (removing ethanol tankers from the river). I attempted to visit the spot a week ago, but the clean up is still in progress and the access road is closed.

I'm bummed about this tragedy! The box was not even at its hiding spot for a month.

Once clean up is complete and the park is open again, I'll try rehiding a new box...but that probably won't be til Spring 2007.

Difficulty: Easy...almost a drive by (but can be longer if you like). The hiding spot is right on the river bank, so please keep a close eye on small children.

This box is hidden in Big Rock Park in New Brighton, PA. The park is ~6 miles from the PA turnpike and ~4 miles from the Beaver Falls exit of Route 60. To get to the park, take Rte. 18 South through the city of Beaver Falls. Cross the bridge over the Beaver River into the city of New Brighton. At the second stoplight, make a right. Immediately you will see a sign for Big Rock Park painted on a train overpass. Go slowly underneath the train tracks (not much clearance). Now you will be at a stop sign; immediately beyond the stop sign is the river. To the left is a dam and some popular fishing spots; to the right are picnic areas, park benches, etc. If you feel like taking a long (~ 1/2 mile), leisurely walk, turn right and park your car immediately. You can almost drive right up to the hiding spot, so there are closer parking options if you want them.

Clues: Follow the road toward the bridge you just crossed. As you get closer to the bend in the river, you will see several large rocks on the asphalt which prevent cars from travelling any farther. Continue on the asphalt beyond this point until you see a large rock on the left that would make Betsy Ross proud. (You can't miss it!) If you get to the railroad bridge, you've gone too far. When you get to the rock, find the first red stripe beneath the blue section. Now imagine that this red stripe continues over the edge of the rock. Look about 4 feet under the surface of the rock, still in the imaginary red stripe, for a letterbox of the same color. There you shall find the treasure that you seek!

Enjoy the peace and quiet of this pretty setting, but be aware that there are a lot of "muggles" in the area. Please be discreet when stamping up and re-hiding.

When you find the box, please contact me to let me know the condition of the box and also if the directions were OK. Happy Boxing!