3B's  LbNA # 25839 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 4 2006
LocationVermilion, OH
Found By silverbird
Last Found Jan 28 2012
Hike Distance?

b∑@H b∑@H PRIVATE CAMPGROUND is on LAKE ERIE. This box is located off a road to the beach that is at the end of b∑@H b∑@H camp.
Take state route 6 to the western end of BB and find the road named j0 which goes to the left (south). Just opposite this road to the right (north) is a small access road that leads to the beach. Turn onto this access road and remember that to the right is a private campground and to the left is private property, so stay on the road until you come to the red diamonds which each have 9 pitchers mounds. Park here and go behind the diamonds and down the hill towards the beach. In the infield left are some foul poles disguised as non-deciduous trees. At the base of the second one, between the fence and the trunk is the 3Bs box. It is difficult to hide so push hard and pile on the rocks. Not too obvious though. Bring your own stamp pad and enjoy the view. Be sure and put the top on tightly when you are finished.