Wendsleydale  LbNA # 25854

Placed DateSep 25 2006
LocationMount Laurel, NJ
Found By Hikerdoodle
Last Found Mar 14 2010
Hike Distance?


NOTE: While we planted this in the middle of the workday, it may be more fun to go on the weekend just because of all the parked cars and potential muggles.
Also, this may be the best hike you ever saw for skaters, strollers, wheelchair-ers, scooters, wagons, bikes, trikes, unicycles.......you get the idea!

Welcome to the Mt Laurel Municipal Complex/Office Park.
Shall we start the workday?

First, since you’re in the area, grab your Joe at the new Wegman’s Super! Supermarket. This is my hometown chain and you haven’t seen a grocery store like this! Think religious experience. Look for the steeple.
My friend calls the cheese department the “Cheese Museum”. Don’t get me started on the Patisserie!
It’s on Rte 38 and Marter Ave.

The good news is your commute is a piece of cake (or Grand Marnier Tart, if you’re at Wegman’s). From Wegman’s (or from the North side of 38) take Marter Ave south across 38. You’re in the Office Park, already. If you continue on Marter, you would be dumped onto I295 S, but just before you enter the ramp, there is a small parking lot on the left. Park.

CAREFULLY, back track to the light at Midlantic and cross the street. Here is where you clock in. There is a paved footpath just waiting for you. Go left (or back in the general direction of your car.)

Here is your first memo of the workday: ATTN: Letterboxer
With regards to your profitable pursuits, please look to your left for the motorcycle parking. This will help to close this deal.

Your next contract enables you to receive the commission of eye-ing the flagpole.

Continue to navigate the path around the pond............Watch out for sharks; there are always some in business.

It’s time for the Board Meeting. Looks like an outdoor conference room on your right.

Opposite this area is an orange marker about 4’ high.

You feel like you deserve a raise, so some pacing might help before you go for it. How about 20 steps (counting both feet)?

Well, I don’t know about a raise but here is your paycheck...........I mean payoff!
Look to your left for a tree in triplicate. Two of them are tall but the third is short. Time to earn those big bucks! Open up those brief cases, I mean Logbooks.

Are you interested in overtime............in the form of a longer walk?
You’ve come about +/- .75 miles. Eight more minutes on the path will take you past another pond, past a driveway and wooden gates to the left where you will pick up the trail again out to the Mount Laurel USPO (need stamps?) and then the Library next door where, if open, you can grab more Joe (OK, a vending machine) in the Internet Café. (or check more clues!)

OK, enough coffee. Get back to work! You’re Hired!!!!