Mariner Memories  LbNA # 25858

Placed DateSep 25 2006
LocationDeer Isle, ME
Planted ByMariner Memories    
Found By watermonger
Last Found Jun 11 2016
Hike Distance?

Make your way to Deer Isle(Rt15) our beautiful Island. Once you get to the green bridge, you will go 5.5 miles to the split that takes you around the Island. Stay to your left towards Stonington. At .5 miles you will turn left onto Sunshine Rd. There is an Irving on the right. Mariner Park is on the right just after the turn onto the Sunshine Rd. Please observe the 10 mph speed limit and make your way to the fork in the road. Turn left, go past the gate and park in parking area. During the Spring and Summer the gardens are beautiful and it's a great time to bring a picnic and enjoy your surroundings.
To start find the sign "Please Park Here", with you compass find 290 degrees. Follow that line with your eyes to find a fence at the beginning of the parks entrance. You start here at the Mariner Memory Mile(really only half a mile). Start walking, you will pass 2 birdhouses and the end of the fence. On the mowed path you will go about 80-100 passes and you will notice an apple tree on your right. Continue on the mowed path until you see a granite bench in the memory of Cecil. Sit facing the water. The Apple tree that holds your prize is at 139 degrees in front of you. Please use the path to get to the tree. Once at the tree notice a big circular branch coming out of the base of the tree. Face the branch and look under the SW side. Be careful in September when this was placed there was still people around. Thanks.