Spooky Tombstone  LbNA # 25877

Placed DateSep 26 2006
LocationEllsworth, ME
Found By Punkmilgob
Last Found May 26 2014
Hike Distance?
Last EditedFeb 1 2016

The Spooky Tombstone letterbox is located in the Juniper cemetery in Ellsworth.

From the fork in the road where Rte 1 meets 180/179 at Sunshine glass, drive a few miles down 180/179. You'll come to another fork in the road where 180 goes left and 179 goes straight and a little towards the right. STAY ON 179. IF YOU GO TOWARDS OTIS, YOU'VE GONE THE WRONG WAY. Drive 1/2 a mile up 179 and you'll see Juniper cemetery on the right side of the road. Drive in and park near the front.

Locate the tallest monument in the cemetery. Stand in front of it and look towards the back of the cemetery.

Walk a few rows back, slightly towards the right. Find a tombstone where Ephraim Brown was burried in 1877 and now shares with a few of his family members.

Walk a few more rows back and slightly towards the left. Find a gravestone that was knocked over, marking the grave of Harriet Morrison.

Walk a few more rows back and slightly towards the left. Find a large tombstone for Melvin Dana.

Walk a few more rows back slightly towards the right and look near a small tree for two almost identical gravestones. Both gravestones are for Mary Hopkins, one burried in 1882 and the other in 1886.

Walk towards the back of the graveyard, down the lane, slightly towards the left. In the last row, find a small, white, gravestone for McDevitt. Next to it on the left will be a gravestone for Mary A. Schoppe, and next to it on the left will be a larger gravestone marked Garland.

Walk between the Garland and Mary A. Schoppe graves to the fence. At the base of three small trees should be our Spooky Tombstone letterbox. If you're lucky, a very small piece of "treasure" MIGHT be in the box for you.

**This letterbox is one of five letterboxes placed in the cemeteries of Ellsworth. You might also want to check out Ghostly Graveyard, Burried Bones, Skeleton Trail, and The Old Burying Ground. Have fun with this one or tour the Ellsworth graveyards to find them all.

Happy Haunted Hunting!!!