Happy Gila Monster  LbNA # 25888 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 27 2006
LocationGilbert, AZ
Found By AZ Thunder
Last Found Dec 30 2012
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Geocachers: Leave no trinkets and please do not remove the stamp, but feel free to sign your name.

One day Puppypaws and Sunseeker were hiking in Tempe, AZ and a gila monster ran right in front of us and hid under a rock. We named him the happy gila monster and named this letterbox after him. Gila Monsters are very shy, so they are seldom seen - but, please remember they are venomous.

This will be a short walk - NO INKPAD OR PEN. When you sign in, please tell where you live!

On the SE corner of Guadalupe and Greenfield in Gilbert, AZ is a beautiful Library. Just East of the Library is the Gilbert Riparian Water Ranch with fishing ponds and birds, ducks and burrowing owls. It has nice walking trails that identify many desert bushes and trees.

Park in the West end of the parking lot and begin walking on the wide cement path leading into the park. Look Right and you will see a green cement curvey sitting bench. Walk to the right corner that has many animals imprinted onto the bench and when you see the snake...sit down and pretend to tie your shoe or talk on your cell phone... (this is a very busy area). Look behind this bench and you will see several rocks piled up...dig under rocks to find Happy Gila. COVER HIM VERY WELL...I HAVE HAD TO REPLACE THIS ONE SEVERAL TIMES.