Woodland Bunny  LbNA # 25889 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerTraveln Turtle    
Placed DateSep 28 2006
LocationWestlake, OH
Found By Buckeye Family
Last Found Mar 14 2009
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Woodland Bunny

Bradley Woods Reservation
White Oak Lane, Westlake, OH
Bunn’s Lake Trail

Equipment Needed: Letterboxing equipment, bug spray
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 30-45 minutes

Driving Directions:

Take I-480 to exit #2 at Lorain Road, go south. Turn right at Lear Nagle Road, then right again at Chestnut Ridge Road. You will go for a mile then it turns into Bradley Road. Take this another ½ mile, until you turn left onto White Oak Lane. Follow this to the end, park in the last parking lot.


1. Head southeast on Bunn’s Lake Trail past the info board. When it forks, take the left around the marshes past two benches.

2. Watch for bunnies, you should see some. As well as Heron’s and ducks. You’ll eventually pass another two benches nestled into the trees. Keep going.

3. You’ll pass a fishing platform on your right. After this watch for the Sandstone Quarrying sign.

4. From the front of the Sandstone Quarrying sign look left at a westerly direction, 260° to a Quad Tree. It takes fifteen single-stepped paces to get to this tree.

5. Take the trail to the left of this four-trunked tree fifteen single-stepped paces. There will be a twin-trunked tree to your right. The letterbox is beneath a lot of bark and branches. Please recover completely!

Please contact me when you find this letterbox and give me a status update! Thanks!