Be a Hippy!  LbNA # 25912 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 17 2006
CountySan Francisco
LocationSan Francisco, CA
Planted ByCellissimo    
Found By SuziLivvi
Last Found Mar 16 2008
Hike Distance?

Bring your groovy letterboxing kit and get back in touch with your flower child self in this letterboxing series!

Go for a stroll between two great parks, one that used to be sand dunes all the way to the Pacific. From its entrance stroll by noteable landmarks such as the Red Victorian Hotel. Enjoy the various restaurants, tobacco shops, art shops, and other groovy stores. Watch out for the big pair legs kicking out of one storefront along this hippy avenue and you're almost there.

Box #1 - Love (NOTE: Not missing!)

At the corner with park with a Good View, turn right and go up the small hill, with the park on your left. When the street bends right, take a left onto the path that leads into the park. Walk past the children's play area to the end of the brown fence on your left. At the end of the fence, take the asphalt path that leads up and to the right.

Before the next four way intersection of paths, you'll find a natural place to sit on your left. Sit near the grassy end and reach below a natural shelf behind you to find Love beneath the leaves and grass. Rehide so that others can find love here, too.

Box #2 - Peace (NOTE: Reported missing!)

After you feel refreshed, walk upward on the path and turn right at the four way intersection. A small stone wall marks your way on the left. Follow the wall, go past the stone steps, and go up the wooden set of stairs and climb your way up 134 or so steps straight up the hill. When you get to the top, enjoy the Good View.

Look for a brass plaque where weary walkers can rest after that climb. Read the inscription; you are seeking what Tina found here. Note the middle number of the date. Behind this resting place is a tree. Stand behind the tree on the top retaining wall, facing the view, and walk 15 paces to the right. There will be a second set of wooden stairs decending the hill. Climb back down, using the middle number of Tina's date (include broken steps). An old split log will be on the right. Where the split starts to widen, find what Tina found. (Please replace carefully! I'm afraid this one might slip down out of reach!)