2manyhobbies series Hobby #2  LbNA # 25916

Placed DateSep 29 2006
LocationWhitefish Bay, WI
Found By VikingBadger
Last Found Dec 25 2014
Hike Distance?

Terrain and length--The walk is on well-maintained sidewalks and paths. Most of the 1+ mile walk is flat, but there are some curves and inclines.

Park your car near Fox Bay Theater in the shopping district in Whitefish Bay on Silver Spring Drive. Walk slowly east so you can enjoy the interesting shops that have been there a long time--one houses my hobby. Continue east to North Shore Drive. It will take you north. It curves and curves, but stay on it. You will cross Belle to a mulched path in a park--take the path west. You will come upon a grove of A____ trees. As you continue on the path, you will see B___ tennis courts. Before you cross the street to reconnect with the path, find the grandmas bench and count all of the letters. C_____. Cross to the path and past the flagpole. On your left, you will see an asphalt path, but before starting down it, find the hours the park is open and add the hours. D_____. Stay left on the path, which will hairpin around. On the curve sits a lonely bench. Count the letters in the first line, E_____. Stop! Take a deep breath and enjoy the scenery and the cool piles of rocks. Now continue on. As you reach lake level, count the benches. F_____. Go to the last bench and take 69 paces south on the grass. Add A, B, C, D, E, and F. To that sum add 132. That is your compass reading.

It will point to a resting place. Go to it, as you might need a break. After you have enjoyed the beautiful view, count 40 paces, starting at the southern edge of the where you have just sat. A big one that points 'out to sea' and weeps holds the box in it's southern base. My hobby lies within it.Stamp and re-hide well. As you leave the area, go up the wooden steps. It will lead you back to the flagpole.