2manyhobbies series - Hobby #3  LbNA # 25919

Placed DateOct 1 2006
LocationBrookfield, WI
Found By Treasure Hoppers
Last Found Jun 16 2013
Hike Distance?

Terrain - flat. A tad of bushwhacking (or weed whacking is needed). This is a short, but fun walk.

Park in the Eble Park Ice rink parking lot near the barn.
The entire area, including the ice rink, is part of the Waukesha County Park System. Count the squares in the barn door. A_____. How many steps would it take to get to the top of the silo? Please don't attempt it! B_____.
Peek in the lower barn windows. Notice that the dairy cow stantions are still there.

Head toward the farm house. Count the number of groups that help maintain this beautiful property left to the county by Florence Eble, who lived on this farm all her life. She stated that the property could never be used for development. Thanks, Florence!C_____. (My hobby is one of those groups).

Walk into the beautiful picket-fenced garden. Enjoy it any time of the year. If you are visiting during the spring, summer, or fall, don't be afraid to walk on the 'moss'. Do you know what it is? Count the vertical fence posts. D_____.

Leaving the garden, stand a moment and gaze at the farmhouse. Close your eyes and pretend that you can't hear Bluemound traffic any more. Transport yourself to a simpler time when Wisconsin farms like this one (and the one I lived on), flourished. Pass the two charming out buildings to Florence Eble's vegetable garden. Count the stars. (Can't see any? Use the number in the first American flag) E_____.

Stand at the northeast corner of the garden, facing north and take a compass reading of 58 degrees. Following that reading, proceed to conifers and cobbly concrete. Before turning onto the concrete path, add the number of flag poles, the sum of the flag with the numbers of it, and the number of stripes on the American flag. (This one you should know off the top of your head).

As the cobbly path ends, the way becomes a paved drive that will take you behind the ice rink. Starting at the beginning end of the building, add A, B, C, D, and E. Add the flag series total to that. Take that many paces. Not bad back here--much quieter.

At the end of those paces, face the woods and take 55 paces from the EDGE of the paved area. Take a compass reading exactly the same as the first one.

A group of trees that will never bloom again, hence the lack of bark on them can be seen at the edge of the woods. Go to them and continue 'straight in' to the fallen one.
The part that remains standing holds hobby #3.

BUT YOU'RE NOT DONE. a second box rests in the woods. Fourleafclover's box contains one of the most cheerful projects that the Waukesha County 4H club has to offer. To find it:

Stand right where you just located hobby #3 and take a compass bearing of 80 degrees. Another fallen one beckons you to search in what is left standing.

Please stamp and re-hide both boxes well. P. S. Always be alert! In placing these boxes, I discovered I was being watched by a buck and two does--a tad disconcerting during certain months of the year--October would be one of those.