School Day's Series  LbNA # 25924 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 30 2006
LocationTopsham, ME
Planted By4soxsfans    
Found By Teacup
Last Found Jul 27 2007
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School Days Series

**You will need ink pads and/or markers, bug spray and hiking shoes***

Find your way to Williams Cone School in Topsham. From here you will go through the parking area, along the chain-linked fence to the side of the building, which will lead you to the playground. You may want to wait until school is out to begin your hunt. You will find the log book in the final box.

Make your way past the swing set to the basketball court. Standing at the hoop on the left, take 120 steps to the path in the woods.

Box #1 “The Big Yellow School Bus”
Before you begin your day at school, you first need to ride the bus, as you start on the trail you will see 2 large pines on your left. Turn to your right and find a cluster of trees. BEWARE OF THE BARBED WIRE. Inside the cluster you will find "The Big Yellow School Bus" Please rehide well.

Box #2 “ABC’s”
As you continue down the path of learning, you first need to master your ABC’s. Right before the steep hill turn left and continue down the path until the path makes a circle around a large pine. Standing at the pine, looking to your right, you will see 4 large oak trees. Hidden in the middle of the trees your will find your ABC’s. Please rehide well

Box #3 “Text Books”
After you have mastered your ABC’s you must now proceed down the path to 3rd, 4th and 5th grade. Here you will learn Science, Art and Writing. Be careful, the hill is very steep. Once you are down the hill, go to your right and across 2 bridges. Once across the bridge go to your left. Walk along the waters edge. Find the Brook Trail Sign. Facing the sign, under the “8” you will find your “Text Books”. Please rehide well.

Box #4 “Apple” (reported missing)
Return to the path and start back the way you came. Back across the 2 bridge and go right up the hill. As you are walking you will see on your right a leaning birch tree and you will see large roots sticking out in the path. From this point, count approximately 40 steps, and stop. Look to your left and walk 5 steps to a tree. The teacher’s prize will be nestled in the roots of this tree. Please rehide well.

Box #5 “Math”
As you continue down the path you will see a large stump with mushrooms growing at the base. Just past this stump you will see 2 trees in the shape of a “V” on your right. On your left you will see a six trunked tree. You will find your math at the base of the tree under leaves and sticks. Please rehide well.

Box #6 “Graduation Cap”
Return to the path and continue up the hill. At the top of the trail you will see 2 trunks with 4 trees. Turn left. Go past the tree with the limbs touching the ground and “Cabbage Pine”. Facing the The Cabbage Pine, turn completely around. You will see trees in the shape of a "W" for Williams Cone School and where you will find your “Graduation Cap”. Please rehide well.

Return to the path. It will take you back to the Williams Cone School fields. This is my first series. I hope you enjoyed finding the “School Days Series”