The Lonely Goldfish  LbNA # 25925 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 30 2006
LocationBatesville, AR
Planted ByRowdy Raccoons    
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Hike Distance?

This box is currently missing.

Use Mapquest to get directions to Lyon College at 2300 Highland Road in Batesville, Arkansas. From the Highland Road entrance of Lyon College, turn right onto 22nd Street and go 1 block to a 4-way stop. Turn left onto College Avenue. Follow College Ave. through the college. When you get to the Lyon Tennis courts on the right, turn right at the next road (there is no street sign on this road; there is a large street light at the intersection). Park in the small parking area by the pond. Walk around the chain at the west end of the parking area. Follow the paved path to the fork. Take the left fork. Follow the paved path to the left and cross the creaky wooden bridge. You may want to bring some bread to feed the ducks and fish. At the end of the wooden bridge, start counting and walk 77 steps following the pavement to the right. Stop. There should be a large oak tree on your left. The treasure you seek is hidden in the bottom of the hollowed out oak tree.