The Hollow Letterbox  LbNA # 25928 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 30 2006
LocationLynchburg, TN
Found By follow your heart
Last Found Feb 15 2009
Hike Distance?

This search will take you off the beaten path in Lynchburg.

Meander around the town square, finding the corner of the square where the road to the house where Lynchburg's second most famous resident used to feed the wearly travelers leaves the square. This corner houses a train where hungry folks can choose their sauce.

From here proceed down the hill into a place named after a "smart guy", and find the small unpainted house some would say is meant for apes.

Sit down and take a spin near the world's oldest slide, if you wish, and stop with your left arm pointed to the hills, Look straight ahead for a black iron-railed bridge. Cross this bridge and keep moving forward. At the blacktop path, go to the right, past the swings, and ask Dino to point with his tail towards the red and yellow twin of the ape house.

Take the sidewalk past the house and go right at the fork. Follow this sidewalk until you come to a very long bench. Cross the bridge and proceed from here to your right until the sidewalk dead ends at a very large table.

Sit down on the table with your right shoulder facing the creek. You should see a wooden light pole about 50 feet up the creek. Go there. Walk about 10 one step paces further up the creek from the light pole. Turn towards the creek. Look for a fairly large opening in the bushes/small trees in front of the creek, just before a dirt birm starts near the creek. The box is located at the base of the clump of bushes/small trees on the right side of this opening, on a large flat rock, covered by two smaller rocks.

Please replace the rocks carefully so that they hide the box but don't crush it.