Fishing Fool  LbNA # 25944 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 1 2006
LocationCape Coral, FL
Found By Investigator Bacon
Last Found May 1 2009
Hike Distance?

Letterbox missing 3/12/11
This is kid friendly, and handicap accessible. About 1.5 miles (I think), allow an hour and a half.

General Location:

The first word of the Gettysburg address + 5280 feet + another word for an inlet.

And then

From the Drifter’s famous song about Atlantic City…“Oh when the sun beats down and melts the tar up on the roof, and your shoes are so hot you wish your tired feet were fire-proof _______ ___ _______________, down by the sea, on a blanket with my baby, is where I’ll be”

Start at the west end of the parking lot, on the recycled plastic walkway.
At marker # 5 head NNW about 330 degrees, over the bridge and up the pier. After enjoying the view, head WSW about 234 degrees. At the T, go NE at 63 degrees towards the exit, but at the next intersection, head NNW at 334 degrees. You are almost there. Take a short walk on a long pier.
To find the box go to the Kiwanis bench on the NW side of the walkway, go 230 degrees, counting 4 uprights on the railing. Look on the outside edge of the walkway, just on the NE side of the 4th., upright, for a stick with a fine piece of fishing line tied on, that leads between the planks, to the box. CAUTION: the line is thin, and may be tangled in vines, be careful sliding it out, and pulling the box up.