The Ladybug  LbNA # 25996 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 1 2006
LocationMinneapolis, MN
Found By thumbodies
Last Found Jul 31 2007
Hike Distance?

UPDATE: 9-25-11
I've been casually attempting to re hide this box, with limited results. If anyone has an idea for a new spot, please let me know. Thanks!!

***********UPDATE 6-24-07***************

I went to go check on the box today to find that the whole area where the box was has been disturbed, and the bench was dismantled and partially removed/destroyed! I couldn't find the box anywhere, and after much digging and searching and lifting of concrete I spotted some garbage bags about 20 feet away. I rummaged through one sack of trash which was filled with Starbucks coffee cups and garbage, and the box was in the bottom of the trash bag!! Thank goodness I didn't give up and am not afraid to rummage through the trash. Apparently, the city of Minneapolis in a controversial move appropriated about 20 feet of overall width from Vera's Garden in the name of "development" which will sadly disrupt a very beautiful and welcome rest stop along the Soo Line Greenway.

I will re-hide the box somewhere else in the area and post new clues soon.

This letterbox is located in the Uptown Minneapolis area, on the greenway. Easily a drive, walk, or bike-by box. It is located in a busy urban area, so please be aware of this when you find and re-hide the box.

Option 1:
There is a community garden in the Whittier neighborhood, situated on a slope along the Soo Line greenway. This is one potential starting point. Park on Garfield, and walk into the alleyway which leads to the garden entrance. Enjoy a nice stroll through the garden, descending the slope to the paved walking/biking path. Walk west or toward the lakes. Watch for fast moving bicyclists! You will soon come to another lovely garden, situated on the slope on your right. Make your way toward the entrance.

Option 2:
There is a restaurant on Lyndale Avenue south @ the greenway which shares its name with a garden below and adjacent to it. Below street level and across the greenway, you can find a little path through the fence leading to a walkway into the garden.

****UPDATE 12/15/06****

I had the box returned to me by a gardener who said they found it because it was sticking out of the hiding place quite obviously. I will replace it later today, but please be sure that you hide this box very very carefully, don't let any children re hide the box, and be sure to double and triple check from many angles to make sure that it is completely invisible!!

Also, Please respect the garden as if it were your own by staying on the meandering established trails. Thank you!



You will have to find the one and only bench made out of concrete, and have a seat. If you are out and about or on your lunch break, this is a great spot to take 5. Making sure that no one is looking at you, (including from the bridge above and to your right) carefully peer under the bench at its farthest right, rear corner. The box is hidden in a little pocket under the bench, under a rock on the far right. The best way to access it is from behind the bench, not in front. Please make sure the box sits down inside the pocket and out of sight when you re hide it, making sure that it is not visible from the approach upon your departure. Rocks, sticks or other debris could have migrated into the pocket. Also, there are people landscaping in this area pretty regularly, so hopefully it didn't get shifted into the plants. The hand carved stamp depicts one of nature's wonders and a gardener's friend, so enjoy finding it!