The Pride of Captain Jack English  LbNA # 25997 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 1 2006
Location???, PA
Found By ???
Last Found May 4 2008
Hike Distance?

***6/13/09 - Received reports that box is missing. We'll check on this as soon as possible.***

Your quest begins at the launching point for Captain Jack English’s historic Sunday picnic excursions. The park in which you will search bears the same name as the body of water it rests beside.

Park at the west end of the paved road. Continue on foot westward past the No Vehicles sign, traveling between the dike and the treeline. Be on the lookout! The box will soon tell you where it is hiding (the box is taking advantage of someone’s previous defacing of park property.*)

Look on the back side of the tree that the box makes its announcement on. The box is nestled into the base of the trunk under a small SPOR. Please rehide well with consideration for flooding potential.

* We do not support defacing of public lands – no trees were harmed in the planting of this letterbox. :)

** Please use discretion, snap box lid tightly and replace securely. Box contains stamp, log and inkpad; no markers please (due to potentially fragile stamp). We appreciate your comments regarding the condition of the box and its contents.**