Train Town Currently Missing  LbNA # 26029 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 18 2006
LocationNew Haven/Fort Wayne, IN
Planted ByThe Indiana Irishman    
Found By JRD squared
Last Found Oct 21 2007
Hike Distance?

Train Town Currently Missing

We decided to relocate this letterbox on 6/9/07 due to several reports of it being left uncovered and in plain sight, and also due to reports that the tree it was hidden under was a popular place to stop and pee!!!

Here are the new directions:

An easy 1 1/2 mile journey, round trip, that the whole family can enjoy. You may walk, bike or skate to this letterbox. But, pay attention to “High Water” signs, and if there is high water in the area, do not attempt to find this letterbox.

If you like trains, this letterbox is for you! One of our family’s favorite pastimes is to drive out to New Haven, IN and see the trains. We often do this on Sunday evenings, as our last family activity for the weekend. In fact, we can hear the trains from our house. And the more hunting we’ve done for trains in New Haven, IN, the more cool ways we’ve found to see them. So, this is our tribute to New Haven, IN, our “Train Town.”

Directions to Moser Park, New Haven, IN:

•Take I-69 to I-469, exit 115. (MAKE SURE you take exit 115 on the NORTH side of Fort Wayne).
•Take I-469 to the Maysville Rd. exit.
•Turn RIGHT onto Maysville. Go through 2 stop lights. You will then come to a 4 way stop at a blinking light. This will be Landin Rd.
•Turn LEFT onto Landin Rd., toward the sign that says “New Haven.” (During summer construction months, you may need to follow Landin Rd. detour signs)
•Turn RIGHT onto Main St. by Dolly Heaven and the Trion Tavern.
•At the corner of Main St. and State St., turn RIGHT into Moser Park

Directions to the Train Town Letterbox:

•Park at the end of the Moser Park parking lot near the pavilion and pond.
•Begin at the sign near the pavilion that reads, “Milepost New Haven Trail 0 mi.” You will now be entering the Moser Park Nature Trails.
•Continue on Trail 1. While walking, look to the left. You may see or hear a train passing by.
•Continue up the ramp or stairs that will take you to Rose Ave.
•Turn left on the sidewalk, cross over the train tracks, and turn right, following the sign pointing to Fort Wayne.
•Now look to your right. You may see or hear more trains.
•Keep going past the mile marker reading, “New Haven Trail ½ mi.”
When you come to the mile marker in the roundabout that reads “New Haven Trail ¾ mi,” turn your back to this sign and walk 13 paces (1 step = 1 pace) to the gravel area. Look to the right between the 2 cement blocks, and look for the Train Town Letterbox.

Other ways to see trains while in New Haven, IN:

•Continue from the letterbox up the boardwalk bridge. Once you reach the middle of the bridge over the river, look to your right, and you’ll see another bridge. If you wait long enough, you might even see a train crossing over this bridge. This would be a great place for a photograph in any season.

•Refuel with breakfast or lunch at Rich’s Café. Open 5:30 a.m. – 2 p.m. daily. Make sure to get a table by the windows so you can see the trains going by as you eat. Directions: Turn RIGHT onto State St. out of Moser Park. At the stop sign, turn LEFT onto Lincoln Highway. Turn LEFT at the first light onto Broadway. Rich’s Café will be on your right before you get to the train tracks.
•Drive through the Norfolk Southern train yard to see more trains and a real working yard. From Rich’s: Turn RIGHT on Lincoln Highway. Turn RIGHT onto Hartzell (Speedway Gas on right.) Turn LEFT onto Nelson after the first set of train tracks.
•Visit the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society. Open Saturdays 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., free admission. From Norfolk Southern: Turn LEFT onto Estella Ave. Cross the tracks, and turn LEFT at the stop sign onto US 930. At the 2nd light, veer left. You will now be back on Lincoln Highway. Go through the lights and under the 469 overpass. Turn LEFT onto Ryan Rd. At the stop sign, turn RIGHT onto Edgerton Rd. You will see a sign that says “Train Town 1 ½ mi.” Turn RIGHT into the Fort Wayne Historical Society.