Below Cleveland  LbNA # 26030 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerTraveln Turtle    
Placed DateOct 2 2006
LocationGarfield Heights, OH
Found By bibliophile
Last Found Sep 5 2010
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Below Cleveland

Garfield Park Nature Center
Garfield Park Reservation
Mill Creek Lane, Garfield Heights, OH

Equipment Needed: Letterboxing equipment; pen and ink pad (none there)
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 30 minutes

Driving Directions:

Take 480 to exit #21/Transportation Boulevard/E. 98th Street. Turn North onto Transportation Boulevard, then continue on when it becomes E. 98th Street. Take a right onto Plymouth Avenue, then a left on Turney Road. In half a mile you will be turning right onto Garfield Boulevard (look for the brown Metropark sign). Stay straight around the circle towards the Nature Center. Park right after the Nature Center in front of the brick buildings.

1. Cross the road and enter the trail Southwest over wide stone bridge. You will come out on a paved stone area. Check out the medieval stone bridge on your right then turn left (South) and head up trail. Follow the moss green bird trail marker. You are on the Iron Springs Loop Trail.

2. Wolf Creek will be below you, on your right. You will pass a bench on your left with a “Victory” tree across from it on your right.

3. Pass the stone stairs heading up the hill on your left. You will see stone steps leading down on your right to a wooden bridge crossing Wolf Creek. Check it out it you want, but you will be continuing on this higher path.

4. Next you will come to a bench on your left; their will be a wooden bridge visible down the trail. Stop at the bench.

5. Go stand behind the bench. You will go North 17 single-stepped paces up the hill to the stone wall. The box is hidden under a flat rock in a triangular crevice about a foot tall and a foot deep along the base of the stone wall. It is visible from the bench. Be stealthy and rehide well.

Please contact me when you find this LB and give me a status update! Thanks!