Big Fig  LbNA # 26036 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 1 2006
CountySan Diego
LocationSan Diego, CA
Planted By1S4T    
Found By Little Foot 1221
Last Found Jul 30 2007
Hike Distance?

Thanks for looking for it. I'm sorry that we couldn't keep it there. Please enjoy the clues anyway.

Balboa Park
Find the Organ pavillion.
Start at the commemorative foutain at the north side of the Organ Pavillion. Walk east and follow the sidewalk NE past the Friendship Garden and pause at the friendship plaque. Note the fourth word of the title of the song.

Proceed to the north turning west at the arcade. Cross the street to the Statue of the Man on the Horse. Note the second word of the Statue's name. Cross the stree again to the west and stop to play on the tile encrusted sculpture, note the name of the sulpture on the plaque to the south.

Continue into the arcade in front of the museum, turn south, following the path past the wooden deck and proceed south until you reach the restoom. turn west after the bathroom. Take the first stairs down into Palm Canyon. Turn left at the bottom, turn right and follow path into the bottom of the valley and join the concrete path headed up towar the wooden stairs. Climb the stairs, turn left at the top.
When you reach the end of the wooden walk, turn left and walk 13 paces, lurn left agian and find the first bench. Pause there and admire the huge Ficus trees. Look for the nearest of the clump of three trunks. The box is hidden in between the massive roots on the south side.

Look for the letter computed when you add the 7th letter of the 4th work of the song title (remember it?) and the 2nd letter of the second word of the horseman statue and the 4th letter of the tile covered statue.

Enjoy the rest of your day in the park.
The clue was supposed to be FIG, but enough people missed it that I must have written the directions wrong. Oh well, sorry. Have fun letterboxing in San Diego. 12/26/07