Eternal Gate  LbNA # 26050

Placed DateOct 3 2006
LocationSommesville, ME
Found By Clearlakegirlscout
Last Found Jul 24 2011
Hike Distance?

I always thought that this place looked very peaceful to spend the rest of eternity. The white picket fence seems so soothing, even though it is located on such a busy route.

Head south towards Northeast Harbor less than 0.5miles on Rt 198/3 after the Eagle Lake turn-off (Junction 233). On your left you will see a white picket fence. Park there.

Go through the gate and head towards the back left of the cemetary. See Dunton memorial and the bush behind it. Stand with Dunton on your right and take 16 steps forward until you are even with the last row of tombstones. Facing the woods at about 2:00 you will see a metal rod with a large rock behind it. The box is behind the large rock, hidden in leaves.