Canoe Canine  LbNA # 26057

Placed DateSep 30 2006
CountyLewis and Clark
LocationLincoln, MT
Found ByChelle & Chickadee '11 (Attempted)
Last UpdateMay 27 2011


Traveling through a county named for two explorers
along highway 200 you will come to a town that on the copper cent.
In the midst of the town are two diamonds.
Between the diamonds you can park near the hoop.
In the center of the hoop is a boat.
In the boat is a manís best friend.
Look towards the diamond he is looking at.
Near the road behind the diamond is a white tree camping.
From the white tree look to the fence.
Then the second big burnt stump.
Under the voice of manís best friend,
Near the ground, is the box.