A View of the barn across a field.  LbNA # 26060

OwnerLeaf ~ Lizard    
Placed DateOct 3 2006
LocationFountain, MN
Found By Ona Journey
Last Found Sep 26 2007
Hike Distance?

Tucked away in a Scenic Southeastern Minnesota valley, you'll find a National historic site, the Allis Barn. But this is not the barn that will be in view when you search with your clues!
I think one of the coolest spots on the Root River Bike Trail is directly below The Old Barn Resort... you must check it out when your searching for The Barn Letterbox. Near the gravel road below the OLD BARN the bike trail has rocks on both sides, one of Leaf ~Lizard's favorite spots!
Option # 1 is by car go east out of Fountain on County RD 8, you will see Jct # 17, and a sign for the Old Barn Resort, take a right and follow the signs to the Old Barn Resort Parking Lot. Walk down the side of the road you came from and get onto the bike trail heading west, towards Fountain.
Option # 2 is you could travel on the bike trail, either from Fountain going towards Lanesboro, or from Preston towards the Old Barn and the connection to Fountain - Lanesboro trail, or from Lanesboro towards Fountain.

If you are coming up the trail from the Old Barn you will come to a sign that states, Fountain 6.5 miles, Preston 5.5 miles. When standing reading that sign, turn around facing towards the Lanesboro direction and take about twenty steps, walking on the left side of Trail, ( you will be on the wrong side), be carefull of bikers. As you get to this spot stand still facing the ditch, you will see a culvert down and to your right, and across the field and to the left slightly you will see a white barn in the distance.
Discreetly look carefully in front of you, about seven steep steps ahead in the ditch is a trunk of a tree, please be very discreet, watch for traffic, the box is hidden on the side of the stump.
There are picnic tables just up the trail, towards Fountain, where the trails connect near the golf course, you could do your stamping up there but be carefull to rehide in the same stump with out being watched.

THE OLD BARN resort located in SE Minnesota Bluff Country's scenic valleys. Historic Allis Barn forms the centerpiece for camping. Hostel, dining, nature trails, pool & river. Camping for tents or campers. Elec./sewer/water hookups. 44-bed hostel for indoor accommodations. Connected to the Root River State Trail for bikers. Restaurant, bar, laundry & rec. room. New golf course opened in 2000! Located on the Root River, noted for excellent trout fishing.