Nez Perce  LbNA # 26106 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerKurious Jo    
Placed DateSep 27 2006
CountyNez Perce
LocationLewiston, ID
Found By Disney-Fan
Last Found May 23 2009
Hike Distance?

Terrain: paved trail
Distance of walk: <1 mi. rt
Wheel chair friendly: Think so, other than getting the box
Hitchhiker friendly: if small
Recommended colors: black

About the Nez Perce People
To understand the Nez Perce people you must first understand their landscape. Legends of their cultural ties to land run as deep as the canyons of the nearby Clearwater River. It’s a land defined by weather, etched by rivers and freed from time. The land holds the answers; provides the sustenance. Even the traditional Nez Perce calendar is interwoven with the surrounding landscape. Ah-Pah-Ahl, the time for digging khouse roots, is known to us as May. Wa-Wa-Mai-Khal, the season when the Chinook salmon migrate to the headwaters to spawn, is the month known to us as August. Ha-Oo-Khoy, when new life begins in cow elk, is familiar to us as December. Whatever season it is, the Nez Perce respect the landscape and all living things. The stir of animals in the forest and the glint of fish signal the beginning of harvest or herald the coming of significant events

At one time, there were more than fifty bands of Nez Perce utilizing an estimated 17 million acres of land in northeastern Oregon, southeastern Washington, and north central Idaho.

The ways of the ancestors provide the bridge to the new world of modern America. Older members of the tribe pass along traditional language, religion, diet, and dance of the Nez Perce through the time-honored art of story telling. Traditional dances are sometimes passed down from generation to generation with everyone participating in teaching and performing.

Water was of particular importance to the tribe. Before and after each feast the Nez Perce drank water to give thanks for the food. Water was believed to be the blood vein of the earth. The Nez Perce believe in the importance of clean water.

Getting you Close:
Go to Hell’s Gate SP Day use. We had to pay a fee to get in.

To the Box:
Find the northernmost hexagon. Go to the post farthest from brick. With back to the post and facing brick, look at the post to your right. Go to the far tree. Nez Perce is behind what’s at 140.

PLEASE rehide so box is not visible from any angle. Sprinkling grass on top of the rocks takes away the “fresh” look.

Hope you enjoyed the hunt. Since we don’t live in the area we can’t check on this box very often. We appreciate an update on its status.

Happy Trails!